Sonshine Kids

We love our children at Granny White.  Aside from having excellent classes provided for all children in all age groups newborn through 8th grade, we have a special time during our Sunday morning worship for our children ages 3 through the 4th grade.  This special time is called Sonshine Worship.  

During our regular Sunday morning worship, we dismiss our children ages 3 through the 3rd grade to go to Sonshine Worship, which takes place in Chumley Hall.  We will sing a special song entitled "Come and See the Sonshine" and the children will be invited to leave the auditorium through the double doors behind the podium.  There will be a volunteer there to help guide the younger children, or you can take them yourself.  

At the close of worship, the children will be brought back into the auditorium. 

*There is no Sonshine worship when there is a 5th Sunday in the month.