Our Missionaries

Missions at Green Hills

Below are the missionaries and their ministries we support here at the Church of Christ in Green Hills.  We ask that you look over the list, pray for them, and if you know someone who lives in the areas served let them know about our mission efforts.  We would love to put you in contact with them!

Alexander and Eleni Melirrytos | Athens, Greece


Our church is pleased to announce here in February, 2019, the new sponsorship of the work of Alexander and Eleni Melirrytos at the Omonia Church of Christ in Athens, Greece, a work supported by our church since 2004. 

The Jerusalemesque Omonia congregation, owns one floor and rents a second in an office building near Omonia Square in the heart of downtown Athens, a melting pot city drawing myriads of Eastern cultures into this gateway city that interfaces easily with the West. Followers meet for worship on Sundays in two groups according to language of the service: Greek and English with translation booths for Arabic and Farsi. Several languages are spoken in the diverse but exceedingly close community that experience intense weekly Bible study, joyous table fellowship 3-5 days per week and annual family retreats.

Currently Omonia members and a volunteer team are spending 5 days per week working with refugees, a ministry that began in late 2015--as the congregation constantly morphs--largely Muslims from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq, who come to their building for services ranging from food and clothing to assistance with medical and immigration interviews, English classes, children’s classes and mainly a place to call home where they belong. There is also a Bible study led by a Christian Syrian man in Arabic each Saturday. The program has four long-term self-supporting volunteers and up to 15 short-term self-supporting volunteers to operate. Over 3000 have been served and over 50 have become Christians since inception of the program. Often people receive asylum in other European countries, spreading the gospel as they go, as in the Acts story.




https://christianchronicle.org/a-city-of-raw-miracles-part-2/ https://vimeo.com/195032704/e3b7b8fe2d?utm_source=Viber&utm_medium=Chat&utm_campaign=Private

Jose and Maty Velasco | Guadalupe Valley, Mexico

The Church of Christ in Green Hills is sponsoring a new mission point at Guadalupe Valley, Mexico. Guadalupe Valley is a region east of Ensenada, Mexico, close to the City of Children. It is an up and coming touristic destination, and as such, it is a growing place. This church is affiliated with Baja Missions in its efforts to further the Kingdom in Mexico. The idea of a church in the area started with Jose Velasco, graduate of the Baja Bible Institute. While he was youth minister at the San Quintin Church of Christ in the Baja, he scouted the Guadalupe Valley area and realized there were no churches around. Jose, his wife Maty, and baby Caleb, have been working there since 2018. Maty is a Lipscomb University Graduate with a degree in Nursing. The CoCGH has been working alongside the Riverchase Church of Christ in Birmingham, AL, in the construction of the preacher’s house and the Church auditorium. We are involved with directly supporting the preacher, medical missions, and outreach mission trips with teens and adults. 

Learn more at https://www.bajamissions.us/

Brad and Ronya Johnson | Brisbane, Australia

Brad and Ronya Johnson, along with their son Orian, have been working in the Brisbane area since 2001.  

They minister in Australia in these ways:

1) A roving support and preaching ministry to three different churches of Christ in and around the Brisbane, Queensland region.

2) Indigenous ministries involving community support, scheduled Christian events, preaching and teaching in outback Queensland and northern New South Wales. New developments include a scholarship to work on short-term missions in these remote areas for Australian youth who are members of the church.

3) West End Church of Christ street ministry involving the organization and facilitation of congregational life, weekly bible studies and material aid to the underprivileged and homeless people in the western inner city suburb of Brisbane.

Read more at http://ozgraceandpeace.wordpress.com 

The Bellevue congregation is their sponsoring church.

Adam and Melanie Barr | Cumbernauld, Scotland


The Barrs’ work with the Graham McDonalds in a challenging, working-class area out from Glasgow: Cumbernauld. The congregation is extremely active and has a vibrant youth group meeting during the week that brings in parents to the worship services. Summer camps and area-wide meetings perpetuate great communication.

A new program, Applied Preacher Training , was begun in late 2013. In 2017, after years of searching and waiting for God to reveal His plan, an undeveloped tract of land was purchased by the church for the eventual new home of the congregation. Adam and Graham have raised funds to pay for this land purchase and are now in the planning phase to build and fund a new facility for worship and service outreach to the community.


Our Missionaries Scott Tominey | Cumbernauld, Scotland

Scott Tominey is the first student in the newly-formed Applied Preacher Training program began in fall of 2013 at the Cumbernauld Church of Christ in Scotland. Scott has a university degree in history and politics from Glasgow Caledonian University and declined positions in graduate schools in order to begin this two-year program to study to become a gospel preacher which he completed during 2015.  The first service for the new Perth congregation, which Scott spearheaded, was conducted by him and a group from Cumbernauld on November 16, 2014.  Worship and Perth Youth Club continue regularly in rented space in that city. We were fortunate to have him visit us in September, 2018. His sponsoring church is the Buford Church of Christ in Georgia. 

Keep up at www.facebook.com/scott.tominey  &  www.perthchurchofchrist.co.uk

Daniel and Julie: Southeast Asia

Partnering with Pioneer Bible Translators, Daniel and Julie moved to a country in Southeast Asia to learn one of the predominant languages and plan to participate in translating the Bible or study materials into a language from one of the local language groups. They moved there with their infant daughter Mae in February of 2013 and later had a son Teddy; Samuel born in early 2016 and Rosie in 2017. Having celebrated their second anniversary in the country, they have adapted to the customs, are working as secular teachers and are learning the national language where they live. In 2016 Daniel completed an M.Div. from Oklahoma Christian and in 2018 his M.A. in Linguistics through the University of North Dakota in conjunction with their work with Pioneer Bible Translators. Following a hiatus in the U.S., they returned to southeast Asia at the end of 2016 to begin the translation phase of their work.

Follow their story at www.bringinghiswordtolife.org

Nashville Inner City Ministry

Green Hills has been a big supporter of NICM since its inception 41 years ago on February 4, 2019. NICM ministers to children and families deep in our cities housing projects with weekly Bible classes where children are bused to our building and other churches for Monday or Tuesday night classes other programs are the Inner-City church of Christ, after-school services of mentoring and tutoring, summer camps, Conquerors Teen program, life-skill classes and counselors who work when the projects come alive at night. For the first time since its inception, the ministry now has a home at 1000 Apex Street in the 37206 zip code of East Nashville. This site will house all the ministries, including the 20+ buses. Opportunities for you to help with this work are available. Finally remodeling of the factory-use structure is near completion, lacking one more area buildout, with facilities complete for worship of the Inner City Church of Christ, the bus repair shop, a playground, a commercial kitchen and needed classrooms.  On Monday nights the Edgehill children come to our building for classes, as has been the case for over 30 years.  Somer and Aaron Morrison head up this Bible program—a great opportunity for you to participate in teaching and forming relationships!

Learn more at www.innercityministry.org.

Byron and Sandra Cana | Suba, Bogota, Columbia


The Cana family work with a team from Great Cities Missions composed of four family units, all of whom moved to the Suba region of the great city of Bogota, Columbia (8.5 million people), as an outgrowth of the original Calle 13 church. The team is actively planting an organized, Biblical church of about 300 that hopes to be self-supporting eight to ten years after its inception. The Cana family, composed of Byron and Sandra, graduates of Baxter Institute, and boys Diego and Derek, are originally from Guatemala where they grew up in the church. Sandra supervises the women’s ministry. They arrived in September, 2012, to begin their work and celebrated their sixth anniversary as a church this past October. The Canas have learned English to keep in touch with us!

Keep up at www.greatcities.org.


Ron and Georgia Freitas | Continent of Great Cities

Ron and Georgia Freitas serve at Continent of Great Cities missions ministry. Ron is now in a mentoring role and is mostly retired from on-the-ground work, and Georgia serves as the Director of Missionary and Women and Children Development. Ron and Georgia also nurture the team members through regular visits and retreats. Great Cities’ Mission is sharing Jesus with the Latin world! To achieve that mission, carefully trained teams are trained for six months and then sent to plant churches in the huge metropolises of North, Central, and South America. Great Cities is committed to assisting teams in whatever is necessary until the goal of establishing a 300-500 member church, meeting in its own building on a main avenue of the targeted city has been reached. Congregations are to also be led by national elders, deacons, evangelists and ministry leaders and should be able to fully support at least two full-time ministers upon completion of the mission. 


African Christian Schools, Nigeria

Emmanuel Adeoye and Samuel Moses 

Willie Cato, father of three of our Green Hills members and first husband of Maxine Hunter, and several forward-thinking church leaders started this foundation in 1959; also early elder RS King, was the grandfather of one of the first missionaries to work at the school and great-grandfather of the current chairman of the ACSF board, Henry Huffard.  The foundation established Nigerian Christian Bible College in the southeast of Nigeria and West Nigeria Christian College in the West where literally hundreds of preachers have been trained for the nation’s rapidly growing church. There are more Christians in Nigeria than in the U.S. now thanks in part to this amazing organization. Graduates of the schools have also spread the gospel to other African nations and to other continents. See www.africanchristianschools.org

Emmanuel and Samuel are Bible teachers at WNCC where Biodun Owolabi is the chief administrator. Preachers are educated here and return home to reach thousands that worship every Sunday according to the New Testament. In 2015 a new computer center was established which allows students to have access to the same library materials that Bible majors use in the U.S.  This includes materials that will enable Bible teachers to complete graduate work online.


Eastern European Missions

EEM is famous recently for distributing hundreds of thousands of Bibles in the school systems in Russian and Ukraine, including youth camps advertised through “Million Dollar Sunday.” www.eem.org. Since 1961, EEM has been providing Bibles and Biblical literature in the languages of the nations of Eastern Europe. For many years, until God brought communism down, EEM had to find ways to smuggle Bibles through the Iron Curtain. Today, EEM supplies Bibles and Biblical literature in 20 languages, free of charge, to the people in the nations of the former communist bloc. Whether it is to one person who asks for a Bible or all of the public schools in an entire state, EEM provides God’s Word to people who want it. Ukraine is presently a main focus with thousands of Bibles and story books handed out to school children, as well as camps in the summer.

Lewis and Tammy Short, Maasailand, Tanzania


The Lewis Short family left in September, 2014, for a 5 year mission to the Maasai region of Tanzania.  After working on the Swahili language for several months, they moved to Monduli to teach the Bible in conjunction with the Tanzania Christian Clinic which already has a presence in the area since 2009, along with three small congregations of the church. Lewis and Tammy, who grew up in missionary families in Taiwan and South Africa, bring their considerable experience in the mission field which includes 13 years in Italy.  Lewis has a M.Div. degree from Harding School of Theology and speaks/reads Italian, French, Mandarin Chinese and Biblical Greek and Hebrew in addition to new proficiencies. Tammy is a nurse, and works in the clinic with community health teaching in conjunction with Lewis' evangelistic work and administrative mentoring in a Christian school in Monduli. Plans are to transition back to the U.S. near the end of 2019.

Follow them at: www.facebook.com/ShortFamilyTZ

Edward and Salina Ho, Middle Tennessee Chinese Church of Christ and World Christian Broadcasting

A unique Chinese ministry extends from Nashville to all parts of the globe through the Ho's work. The Natchez Trace church provides a building in which the Middle Tennessee Chinese Church of Christ has formed near Vanderbilt and meets on Friday nights for outreach and enrichment and Sundays for regular services and Sunday School. Around 50-70 participate. There are two elders, five deacons, and a full program. The Hos also works for World Christian Broadcasting as senior producer for the Chinese evangelical radio programming, and the organization opened the big transmitting station in Madagascar just after the beginning of 2016. Together with the station in Alaska, virtually every nation in our world will have access to short wave radio programming in Chinese and six other languages. See www.worldchristian.org and www.smzg.org/home.

Daniel and Suisun: Myanmar

Our work to facilitate the Tachileik, Myanmar, congregation, is the result of the persistent efforts of Daniel Kappa since 2012. For most of his life he has been passionate about serving God and following after His Word. Knowledgeable in the teachings of the Bible, he made contact with believers and was soon convicted in the importance of using the Bible as a guide and authority. The church in the North East region of Myanmar is growing rapidly as Daniel and his wife were themselves baptized, and now he continues to teach, baptize and establish new congregations in outlying areas, as well as to add to the number of those worshiping in Tachileik. Because of the many dialects within the country of Myanmar, Daniel directs a preaching school. This preaching school has a variety of dialects represented and the Word is reaching areas that were impossible to reach before its establishment. The first group of 12 students has begun their final year of a two year study. The congregation in Tachileik has a building which is paid for, which the members constructed. Daniel and his family live downstairs and the church meets upstairs. The political structure within Myanmar is challenging at times, but Daniel is well in tune with the environment and the church is thriving in spite of various limitations. This work is literally reaching people who have never heard the Word of God. Daniel is married to Suisui and has three children, David, Gabriel and James. 

Mission committee members Bill and Elizabeth Marquette are largely responsible for identifying and supporting this work from the beginning.