Our History

When the Nashville Bible School relocated to the farm of David Lipscomb on Granny White Pike in 1903, the decision was made to establish a congregation of the church of Christ for students to attend. The church began meeting on the campus of the newly located Bible School, later to be named David Lipscomb College. Originally called the College Church, the congregation went by several names over the years—the David Lipscomb College Church, the Lipscomb Church, the college congregation, the Church of Christ Meeting at David Lipscomb College, the church that meets at 3805 Granny White Pike, the Granny White church of Christ. The name Granny White merely indicates the physical location of the building.

For the first 50 years of the congregation’s existence, meetings were held in various facilities of the college—the cafeteria, Harding Hall auditorium, Alumni Auditorium, and often in the summer outside on the lawn. As early as the1930s, discussions began about constructing a meeting facility off campus. Property was purchased at 3805 Granny White Pike, and contributions were collected toward that goal.

Careful plans were made as to the architecture of the new building with visits over the country to determine the kind of building that would blend with the college setting and yet remain distinct. Construction began in the summer of 1953, and the first service was held in the new building on October 10, 1954. In 1971 the chapel was opened along with additional classrooms over the addition. The building was further expanded in 1990 with a new fellowship hall and a modern kitchen. In 2007 extensive redecorating of the public areas of the building and classrooms began. Additional properties around the building have been purchased over the years for expansion and for parking.

In 2003 the church celebrated its 100th anniversary and published a detailed history of the church for its first 100 years. The history stressed the longstanding commitment to mission work, to preaching the pure gospel of Jesus Christ and to serving the community around the building.

Well into its second century of service to others and devotion to God, the Granny White church of Christ continues to hold the Bible as its only guide for faith and practice.